Integrated management system

Eurocogen srl company provides an integrated management system (quality – enviroment – safety) to give information  about general principles, organization, preparation, management and updating.


With the integrated management system (Q A S) we identify in the undertaking tasks, responsabilities and processes with efficiency, to help a sustainable development, by respecting prescriptions for safety and health in the workplace.
With certification we also want to testify our commitment to clients, market and accredited parties, regardless of our geographical location, of our belongings and our dimension.


The integrated management system (Q A S) is described in the handbook, while in different procedures, regulation and codes, our operating methods are defined to increase the position of the customer, by improving the social context with less dangerous impact for both the environment  and health.


Works are registered to testify the enforcement of the management system for quality, environment, safety and health.


By respecting the current standards we put in our company processes arrangement. We aim with greater strength to the customer’s satisfaction and our continuous improvement is monitored through markers during the phase of review of the above mentioned system.